Logan Sargeant has shared what he’s been trying to learn from Alex Albon since joining the Williams Formula 1 team.

Sargeant was speaking on the F1 Beyond The Grid Podcast after the Monaco Grand Prix.

It was a disappointing weekend for Williams as they once again missed out on points.

It was always going to be difficult for the team with the slow, winding track not suiting their car.

However, Sargeant still finished four places and a lap behind Alex Albon.

The Thai driver is much more experienced in Formula 1 and has already driven for three different teams.

The 27-year-old already has 66 Grand Prix under his belt and has worked his some of the best drivers and teams in the grid.

Sargeant has admitted that he’s looking to learn from Albon during his first season in F1.

In particular, there’s one aspect of the race weekend where he trumps the rookie.

F1 2023 Rolex Australian Grand Prix
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Sargeant shares what he really wants to learn from Albon

Speaking about his teammate, Sargeant said: “Alex [Albon] in particular is very good at understanding what the car is doing, the way that the tyres are behaving.

“Honestly, it’s one of the most in-depth debriefs I’ve ever heard. That’s something I’m trying to get closer to as it’s quite impressive, to be honest.

“So that’s another thing I’m able to learn from and build on.”

Aside from Max Verstappen, Albon has always outperformed his teammates in Formula 1.

It took him just 12 races at Toro Rosso to earn a promotion to Red Bull’s main team.

Since taking a year out of the sport as the team’s test driver, he’s been the dominant force at Williams.

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Although that’s not always been converted into points, he outperformed Nicholas Latifi last season.

Sargeant will recognise that Albon is the top driver in the team and appreciate he’s got a lot to learn during his rookie season.

The tracks at the start of the season haven’t necessarily suited the American.

However, he’s already named where he’s looking forward to racing this season.

He’ll be hoping he can continue to improve the feedback he gives to Williams so his car is faster for more of the weekend.

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