Journalist Tom Clarkson has shared that tyres being used at this weekend’s Monaco Grand Pris could make things much more interesting.

Clarkson was talking about the upcoming race on the F1 Nation Podcast.

After several weeks without an event, anticipation is high for action to get underway in Monte Carlo.

Red Bull will be hoping to continue their dominance of the grid.

They’re the only team to have registered a win this season and only the chaos of Australia has prevented them from recording one-two finishes at every Grand Prix.

Fernando Alonso’s consistency in his Aston Martin has made him their closest challenger so far.

Formula 1 Grand Prix of Miami
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However, Mercedes are bringing their new upgrades this weekend in the hope it makes them more competitive.

If it doesn’t, the rumours surrounding Lewis Hamilton’s future will only increase further.

Clarkson believes that any increased performance Mercedes expect in Monaco might be negated by the tyres Pirelli are bringing to the circuit.

A trial set to be demonstrated in Imola has been carried over his weekend in the principality.

Teams will be looking at the weather forecast closely to see if their proposal will come into play.

Clarkson warns about tyres chaos in Monaco

Last weekend’s race was supposed to see new intermediate and wet tyres brought to the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix.

Instead, they’re being trialled in Monaco and Clarkson addressed that point, saying: “This is a really important point.

“Not only is it going to be wet, but the new intermediate and wet tyres that Pirelli were going to bring to Imola for the first time are going to be brought to Monaco.

“They don’t need tyre warmers, it’s all part of the 2024 tyre package.

“So, I think we could be going out in qualifying in Monaco on tyres that have had no warming prior to hitting the race track on the most difficult circuit of them all.

“You may find that car performance goes out the window this weekend, and it’s all about drivers getting the job done.”

Formula 3 Championship - Round 4:Monte Carlo - Practice
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The forecast in Monaco suggests Clarkson’s tyres prediction has a chance of coming true.

There’s a chance of showers across every session this weekend which would only add to the excitement.

Drivers will be hoping they don’t have an added variable making a difficult circuit even harder to navigate.

For fans, it would create an extra layer of excitement for this weekend’s action.